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This tutorial takes you to simple steps to follow some basic rules for protecting your PC, being attacked from computer threats. If you want to know, why we need protection or security to PC, please follow this link.

What is an Antivirus Software?

To make it simple, Antivirus Software is a security program which prevent, stops, detects and removes unauthorized code, scripts, files, documents, executable files and programs like viruses, trojans, worms, spyware, etc. from your computer. If you don't have Antivirus Software, your PC would be vulnerable to malicious threats which make you PC life harder than you think.

How to use Antivirus Software?

When an Antivirus software is installed in your PC, automatically, a virus database sets up and this may be different in different Antivirus software's. You need to have an Internet connection to maintain the below things.

  • Enable all Automatic Updates options to update virus database everyday.
  • Run Quick Scan and Full Scan immediately after the Antivirus software is installed. (This may take few hours to complete.)
  • Make its Settings compatible to your Operating System.
  • Check regularly the Performance of Antivirus program. (This may take few minutes.)
  • If you are using free version, upgrade to full version or use long trial versions like 3 months, 6 moths, 12 months, etc.
  • Subscribe to Antivirus software mail updates so that, you can get regular send feedback and receive occasional mails about offers and trials.
  • Check Automatic Scanning option to scan immediately after the system start.
  • Run Full Length Scanning once in a week, if you've not enabled Automatic Scanning.
The above precautionary steps make your PC well performed without being exposed or infected to malicious programs. And to do this you need to have a strong Antivirus Software. Check out latest and best Antivirus Software's on this site for both Windows and Mac OS.

In the next tutorial, we will discuss about Internet Security Software, its definition, precautions.


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