April 2, 2014

SpeedyPassword 1.0.7 – Free Password Manager for Your Online Accounts

Do you forget your password frequently? Do you have password security concerns? Or do you have too many online accounts that you can’t manage by yourself? SpeedyPassword is the application you need to have, which can lock up your online accounts and improves your security. It is a free application that can generate, save and manage all your accounts and their respective passwords, quickly and easily. All your passwords are encrypted by AES-256 encryption algorithm, cryptographic hashing and secure SSL transmissions, such that no one can access your passwords in future.

SpeedyPassword 1.0.7 – Free Password Manager for Your Online Accounts

SpeedyPassword provides three significant online security features – Remembering passwords, protecting your personal information from unauthorized access and managing several online accounts.

The application works with all the popular internet browsers like IE, Firefox and Chrome. You need to create an account when you first launch the application. Start adding your favorite websites to SpeedyPassword along with name, URL and login credentials. You can connect to various popular social networks easily with a simple click on the respective logo.

Key Features:

  • Master Password – A single encrypted master password remembers all your passwords and saves your precious time.
  • Secure Login – Saves time in typing complicated passwords with the one-click login feature, which automatically logs you in.
  • Lock your Passwords – A military-grade AES-256 encryption algorithm is employed to outsmart hackers and keyloggers that try to access your personal information.
  • Only your Master Password can decrypt your encrypted information.
  • It takes less than 2 minutes to download and setup the application.
  • Security Tips – Provides suggestions to find and resolve password security issues.
  • Generate Unique Passwords, using a combination of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols to protect all your online accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Banking, Credit cards, etc.
  • Account Recovery – At the time of account setup, you need to upload a ‘Recovery Image’ which can verify and retrieve your passwords. If you forget your Master Password, your important data can be recovered using that ‘Recovery image’ that you set for your account.
SpeedyPassword 1.0.7 – Password Generator

As you know with SpeedyPassword, all your online accounts can be accessed with a single Master Password, which is not stored in the server as it’s the only key to your SpeedyPassword account. It protects your online accounts with seamless browser integration. To ensure data is protected, all your information is sent via military-grade encryption and secure SSL encryption.

Along with the encryption, SpeedyPassword will also alert you if your password is weak, and suggests you to create a stronger one to protect your account. You can automatically log out after a specific period when your computer is inactive or idle, making sure that no one can access.

Finally, SpeedyPassword is an advanced online password management tool that is user-friendly which is recommended for anyone who wishes to be online 24x7 with utter security. SpeedyPassword is absolutely free to download and use which supports Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP operating systems. You just have to create an account and start using the application.

Download Link: http://www.speedypassword.com/index.html
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