February 2, 2013

Norton 360 2013 Free 90 Days Trial License Download

Watch out for Norton’s ultimate internet security and antivirus protection software which does everything right from providing security to optimizing your PC. Norton 360 2013 delivers proactive protection and ultra-fast virus detection that eliminates hard to remove threats with just one-click.

Norton 360 2013 - 90 Days Trial License Free Download

Not just deleting viruses, Norton 360 performs the task of optimizing the PC performance which can be a serious advantage for regular PC users. It even backs up your computer data locally or stores online securely on Symantec’s cloud server.

Norton 360 2013 was released on September 5th 2012 along with Norton Antivirus 2013 and Norton Internet Security 2013. The latest version has decisive features for removing viruses including the parental controls, social networking protection and solid networking defense mechanism.

The standard price for Norton 360 2013 is about $90 or 3085 INR for 1 year/3 PCs. This annual subscription can be way too expensive for normal home users. You do have a 30-day trial with limited features which is not enough to protect your PC completely. So, Norton offers promotional giveaway a copy of Norton 360 2013 that extends up to 90 days or 3 months.

Download Free Norton 360 2013 90 Days Trial

Installation and Interface:

Norton 360 2013 follows the same installation procedure as Norton Antivirus and Internet Security 2013. The only positive thing which Norton 360 2013 has been the restartless install. You can check the installation procedure from here.

Norton 360 2013 Installation

It has one more impressive thing i.e. completely renovated interface. With the support of touch screen systems and Windows 8, Norton has designed for the touch compatibility. The design also was adapted from Windows 8 tiled Metro-style which ought to be the most appealing appearance.

Norton 360 2013 Interface

Norton 360 2013 color combination is in yellow with fonts in white, which is not at all attractive and hard to read. For the users who care more about their PC’s security than appearance, this feature can’t be a problem.


  • 5-Layer Norton Protection System detects and kills viruses quicker than other security programs.
  • Network Defense Layer Protection (NEW) – Blocks online threats that are trying to access your computer without your permission.
  • SONAR Behavioral Protection and Live 24x7 Threat Monitoring – Checks for suspicious activity on your PC, detects unknown viruses and removes them completely.
  • Threat-Removal Layer (NEW) – Eliminates threats which are hard-to-remove.
  • Anti-Phishing Technology – Stops Phishing websites that steal your important and sensitive information like online passwords, etc.
  • Automatic Backup – You can customize the settings such that it backs up your essential files when your computer is idle.
  • PC Tuneup – A very important feature that fixes common PC problems, deletes junk files, removes temporary files, fix registry errors, and cleans up the hard disk drives.
  • Examine your child’s and other family member’s activity with Parental Control Management feature called “Norton Online Family”.
  • Protects your browsing activity by blocking online threats before they infect your system.
  • Download Insight 2.0 – Checks the downloaded files before they go for installation as they may be infected with malicious programming code that turn out to be dangerous.
Norton 360 2013 - Complete Features

  • Quick Scan – 2 min 20 seconds
  • Full Scan – 1 hr 24 minutes
  • Boot Time Impact – 3 seconds
Norton 360 2013 stands as the best paid security product as it offers more antivirus and PC optimization features than just removing typical viruses from your computer. Apart from the above, it has got improved features such as Bandwidth Management 2.0, Norton Safe Web, Norton Identity Safe, Norton Management, Vulnerability Protection, Web-based Backup Access and Free 24x7 support, which are common in Norton Internet Security 2013 too.

You can download Norton 360 2013 90 days free trial version or go for the regular 30-day trial subscription with limited features.

  • Version – 360 2013
  • Setup File Size – 157 MB
  • Price – 30 Day or 90 Day Trial; $89.99 per year
  • Operating Systems – Windows 8, 7, XP and Vista

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